Ana Calic Misli More

Building Community Amongst Younger Entrepreneurs: Meet Ana Čalić, Founder of Misli More

Ajla Keško

Young people truly hold the future – a belief that's more than a mere saying but a reality we live by. It inspires us to see young entrepreneurs who recognize their power to drive the changes our society needs. In that spirit, we're happy that we're able to give this space to the youth to express themselves, initiate, and promote positive changes.

We've spoken with Ana Čalić, the founder of the platform "Misli More," which promotes sustainability in the nautical industry through the education and networking of young people.

1. Ana, could you tell us more about yourself and your inspiration for starting “Misli More, Misli Plavo”? 

My name is Ana Čalić and I am an entrepreneur within the boating industry based in Pula, Croatia. I am working within Business & Marketing development at Navela where we provide a flawless boating experience to individual customers & an irreplaceable support system to OEMs & charters with propulsion systems and boating equipment. Moreover, I am the founder of Misli More (eng. Think of the Sea) an educational platform for raising awareness about the boating industry & sustainability within the sector, among young people. Additionally, we founded Croatia's 1st club of young business professionals in the boating industry.

I have a bachelor degree in chemistry, so I am a scientist at heart. I obtained my masters degree at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in Science, Business & Innovation, with a specialization in Energy & Sustainability. Bridging the gap between science and business, I (re)discovered my love for the boating industry. My passion for sustainability was the key motivator for starting Misli More.

2. How does Misli More contribute to sustainable development in the maritime industry?

Misli More tends to educate and raise awareness through its digital channels, but also in person networking events. Not limited to a narrow segment, we join young people both from the industry, academia and more.

3. Could you share your experience working with young entrepreneurs in the maritime industry with us? 

Young entrepreneurs bring fresh ideas. Being influenced and in touch with different trends all around the world they have the ability to connect more aspects at once and multitask. Young entrepreneurs are courageous and have the ability to accelerate innovation.

Ana Calic Misli More

4. How does Misli More educate young people about opportunities in the maritime industry? 

We organize meetups and presentations on regional boat shows where we exhibit. Moreover, some of our Young Business Professionals always present what they do for work and later on they are included in our networking sessions, alongside academia members too. Valuable and long term connections always emerge from these kinds of events.

5. How do you plan to expand your operations and influence in the future? 

There are several trajectories we are exploring at the moment. Follow us on social media, because when the timing is right we will announce it on our channels!

6. What are the main initiatives and projects you're currently working on? 

We are working on expanding our Young Business Professionals group to more and more young professionals within the industry and to listen to their voices, needs and questions. Moreover, we are trying to actively collaborate with academia and to bridge the gap between the industry and academia.

Ana Calic Misli More

7. How do you see the future of sustainability in the maritime industry? 

When it comes to propulsion we believe that the highest prospects go to hydrogen and alternative fuels. Moreover, sustainable and recyclable materials must integrate into boatbuilding and the manufacturing of various components. Last but not least, education will play an important role, both for raising awareness, educating business teams on new trends, but also educating the end user.

8. How do you perceive the Croatian market's response to sustainable practices? Is there a particular segment that is more motivated to embrace them? 

I think each segment of the industry and market is starting to comprehend and embrace sustainable alternatives, as the market develops and end users have different expectations.

9. What message or advice would you like to send to young entrepreneurs who are starting their entrepreneurial adventure?

Develop a great support system, find mentors, believe in yourself and remember that when one door closes, another one opens.

Ana's dedication to bridging the gap between science, business, and sustainability is commendable. Through Misli More, she's not only educating young people but also fostering a community of like-minded individuals committed to driving positive change in the boating industry.

As we look to the future, it's evident that sustainable practices will continue to play a vital role in shaping the maritime industry. With initiatives like these, companies that are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions, and proactive individuals, we can expect to see innovative solutions, increased awareness, and a collective effort toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.