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Becoming a NatureSafe Marine partner is easy! We welcome partnerships with yacht charter companies, marinas, and businesses that share our values and commitment to sustainability.

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To become a partner, simply fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can work together to protect the ocean and marine life while keeping yachts clean.

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The next step is to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your specific needs and how our eco-friendly cleaning products can benefit your business.

Get in touch

After the meeting, we will provide you with a plan for switching to our products. This plan will outline the steps needed to make the switch, including instructions for your staff on the use of our products.

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The final step includes us providing you with a set of marketing assets to aid you in the creation of your marketing campaigns. Your marketing team will be able to create informative content that highlights the benefits of our eco-friendly products and your commitment to sustainability. With these assets, you can showcase your dedication to sustainable yachting practices. 

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  • I've used a lot of products over my 20 years in the industry and I can say that NatureSafe Marine is a breath of fresh air for all of us who wish use effective, eco, and biodegradable products. The sachets range where you just add water and keep the same bottle is fascinating and revolutionary in the industry. I wish them all the success going forward and look forward to their continued development of new products which I will support.

    Stefano Oldano, Head Chef - M/Y Lonian
  • NatureSafe Marine products are exactly what this industry needs and what I've been looking for. From being eco-friendly, effective and convenient to store and use, I am delighted to be a supporter!

    Ilenia Gilve, Chief Stewardess - M/Y Ice
  • "I had the pleasure to meet Keith and Declan in Croatia and to be introduced with their project and "non toxic" products for which I am enthusiastic and satisfied with the performance. The logo is fresh well designed and I am absolutely optimistic that their team effort will be recognized and rewarded. Been a seafarer for several years I am determined to provide support on preserving our oceans."

    Silvia Leli, Chief Stewardess - S/Y Lammouche
  • "I am dedicated to sustainability and bio-products, which is why I reached out to your company. Your line of environmentally friendly cleaning products, which are safe and effective, aligns with my personal beliefs. By using 100% biodegradable formulas, your products ensure that no harmful residues are left behind, protecting marine life and reducing marine pollution. Together, our aim is to safeguard the sea we cherish and contribute to a more sustainable future. I take pride in my mission to make a positive impact. As part of our efforts, we provide each guest with an Eco bag filled with NatureSafe Marine products."

    Marija Sekulić-Dumanić, CEO of Sail Club Croatia
  • "I'm using NatureSafe Marine products on board. I'm very proud that this is a Croatian brand and that its products are 100% biodegradable. I'm giving my all to keep this sea as clean as possible."

    Luka Jakir, Captain of the Gulet "Tajna Mora"
  • "To all my colleagues, this is a first-hand recommendation. NatureSafe Marine is a 100% biodegradable Croatian product formulated without toxic chemicals. For me, it cleans all surfaces perfectly. They also offer other products, but I started with All-Purpose Cleaner and have not regretted it. Every small step makes a difference. Be more eco-friendly."

    Jenny Levar, Freelance Hostess
  • "These wonderful products have been used on a yacht, private property, and a palace.
    Easy to use and makes your storage always organised. Love to take them away in case of a quick emergency and they fit into my butler suitcase. Isn’t that special!"

    Tanja Sovrlić
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