Aerial drone view of small marina with boats and yachts docked in Croatia

Sustainable Yacht Charters in Croatia

Ajla Keško
Yachting. If you check any dictionary, you will see it defined as "the sport or activity of sailing yachts".  In contrast, if you ask any yachting enthusiast, they would most probably say that it is a lifestyle driven by the love for the ocean.

The yachting industry has a significant impact on the marine ecosystem. Therefore, everyone involved must collaborate and implement sustainable practices to protect oceans.

Croatia is a Popular Tourist Destination

Croatia has long been a popular destination for yacht charters, attracting thousands of tourists every year. However, with the growing concern about the impact of tourism on the environment, many travelers are now seeking sustainable yachting options.

Aerial view of small island, Kamenjak Cape, Adriatic sea, Croatia

The good news? The yachting industry is becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to leave a minimal footprint behind leisure travel. As a result, the number of sustainable yachting charters in Croatia committed to sustainable practices has significantly increased. Accordingly, these charters are offering environmentally friendly and socially-responsible yacht charters.

Importance of Sustainability in Yachting

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years, but it is not, nor should be, just a trend. Charter companies with sustainable yacht practices are crucial for conserving Croatia's coastline (which has been affected by years of mass tourism). Sustainable yachting practices help to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment by promoting responsible tourism. Nonetheless, these practices benefit both the environment and the local communities. 

Sustainable Charter Companies in Croatia

These 7 yachting charters in Croatia are setting an example of sustainable practices in the industry.

Sail Croatia

The founders of Green Sail, a non-profit organization that promotes and supports sustainability. For instance, by committing to sustainable tourism, they have achieved significant milestones. These include removing single-use plastic bottles and introducing free biodegradable water bottles through their sustainability initiatives. Therefore, their aim is to continue their efforts, with goals such as certifying crew members, reducing single-use plastics, and ensuring guests understand and commit to their sustainability policy. Their ultimate goal is to make their yachts and operations more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment.

SunLife Charter 

Firstly, sustainable tourism is one of SunLife’s driving principles. They focus on taking care of the sea and minimizing the impact of their actions on the environment. They aim to be the leaders in sustainability (in their industry) and believe that the success of their business depends on the sustainability of the environment. Additionally, strive to minimize the impact of their actions on the environment and want to integrate environmental awareness and sustainable development into all of their business practices. Recently, they participated in the European Tourism Going Green (ETGG) 2030 Project and won a Sustainability Travel Certificate.

Sunsail Yacht Charter

The charter is committed to sustainable travel and believes that travel should enrich the lives of people and wildlife. They have identified 5 core pillars of focus under their OCEAN Promise, which includes their yachts and future development, community initiatives, engagement, and education, action on waste, and net zero. Sunsail has ensured that all its global teams, customers, and partners support its sustainability framework. Additionally, they also commit to the UN's SDGs.

More Yacht Club

More Yacht Club commits to sustainability by taking several actions to reduce its carbon footprint and support a better environment. Additionally, they climate-compensate their own and their guest's carbon footprint and support WWF. They educate themselves and engage in projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Similarly, they collaborate with the South Pole to calculate their CO2 emissions and invest in certified projects to reduce them.

Euronautic Yacht Charter

This charter is committed to promoting sustainable tourism in Croatia to minimize its negative impact on the environment. They mainly aim to raise awareness, educate visitors, and promote eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, they encourage recycling and participate in community projects to clean up beaches, ports, and marinas. In addition, support sustainable tourism initiatives and organizations. Finally, strongly believe that education is crucial for preserving nature for future generations.

Pitter Yacht Charter

Their contribution to sustainability lies in the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, proper waste management, and waste disposal on their yachts. Their aim is to reduce ocean pollution and they launched the "O More Mati" campaign in 2014 to clean up Croatia's beaches and bays with the help of their charter customers.

Smart Sail Eco Charter

The charter was founded by true lovers of the sea and sailing. They hope that the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and coastline can co-exist with sustainable yacht charters. Firstly, they achieve this by reducing the impact of toxic chemicals. Also, they are raising awareness about ocean pollution. Therefore, they minimize their impact on the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products and waste management.

In conclusion, sustainable yachting charter companies in Croatia recognize the importance of using eco-friendly cleaning products. These charters are committed to providing their customers with a sustainable and responsible charter experience.